Acoustics and choice of materials

Sound is something you hear, feel and sometimes even see. Sound can also resonate, which means that two objects vibrate at exactly the same frequency. When this happens, the sound is amplified. The choice of material has a major impact on sound insulation and the subsequent comfort for the user.

To design sound-insulating buildings, products are required that meet the legal requirements and, of course, the wishes of our clients. We can test materials extensively in our acoustic laboratory and prove that the requirements are met. Particularly in the case of large projects and projects with repetitive elements, it is of great importance to be clear about the selected materials and their performance as early as possible in the process.

Visual inspection

Indoor air conditions

Ventilation capacity

Lighting intensity & illumination

Building airtightness

Thermal comfort


Thermische quality facade

Moisture examination

Product development

Aerial and contact noise

Noise insulation facade

Installations noise

Room acoustics


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