Build quality

Errors in the design or during the construction or renovation of a building are not always visible upon completion but can lead to a dormant existence until symptoms such as moisture damage are revealed. Too little ventilation or incorrect heating behaviour by residents can also cause moisture problems such as mould. Cauberg Huygen has a long track record in identifying the cause of these problems.

Build quality

Thoroughness is the keyword of how the consultants of Cauberg Huygen investigate and analyse structural damage of buildings. Thanks to our unique working method and experience with very complex structural damages, Cauberg Huygen is often the last resort for building owners and housing cooperatives to come to a solution. With our report in your hand, you have solid assurance about the repair of your structural damage.

Within the framework of quality assurance during construction, we can also check whether the work has been carried out exactly according to design and guidelines, in addition to structural damage research. With our building physics laboratory, we can test whether a product meets the specifications as well as taking on an advisory role in product development.

Projects in the build quality knowledge area

Project Lieven De Key header (© Frans Parthesius)

Lieven de Key

Project - Podium (veld 1) in Amersfoort


Project - Lincolnpark



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