Engineering the experience

To create healthy, future-proof spaces that users experience as comfortable, building physics aspects such as heat, ventilation and light must be determined at an early stage in the building process. Stricter requirements from the government and the need to build in closer proximity create additional complexity. Cauberg Huygen has the right experience and creativity to complete this puzzle on time and within budget.

Building physics

From small to large, groundbreaking projects, the consultants at Cauberg Huygen take care of everything by taking control of the building physics advice. Together with our client, the focus is put on asking questions to get to the core. Our multidisciplinary approach identifies bottlenecks in the process at an early stage and we are able to respond quickly and offer solutions. With our technical know-how, specific knowledge about relevant regulations and ready-made advice, the chance of costly delays in the construction process is reduced.

As a building physics consultancy firm Cauberg Huygen is also at the forefront of the use and visualization of parametric designs. This offers architects and developers the flexibility and freedom to optimize a design at an early stage with regard to, among other things, the size of rooms, the amount of daylight and shade during the day, and the acoustic quality.

Projects in the building physics knowledge area

Project Coornhert Lyceum in Haarlem - header

Coornhert Lyceum

Project Lieven De Key header (© Frans Parthesius)

Lieven de Key

Project - Podium (veld 1) in Amersfoort


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