Mutual connections converted into algorithms

The idea of parametric design is that a design can be made based on the connection between different components. The mutual connection, converted into algorithms, ensures that all parameters such as dimensions, material selection and material thickness can be adjusted and generated in realtime by the software.

Parametric design offers the possibility to generate clarity at an early stage of the process about the chosen design and functionalities, but also to make adjustments later on. After all, the system keeps the design consistent with the mutual connections. This saves a lot of time and costs.

Using virtual reality, parametric design and our own acoustic and building physics laboratory, it is our mission to promote sustainable area development through sustainable design. From the start of a project, we can immediately think along and implement solutions: we offer clarity, creativity and transparency long before the foundation stone is laid. We work with customers who desire solutions off the beaten track.

1 Param. Thermische analyse

Thermal analysis

2 Param. Daglicht analyse

Daylight analysis

3 Param. Akoestische analyse

Acoustical analysis

4 Param. Gevelwering analyse

Facade resistance analysis

5 Param. Ventilatie analyse

Ventilation analysis

6 Param. Brandveiligheid analyse

Fire safety analysis

7 Param. Duurzaamheids modellering

Sustainability modelling

8 Param. Financiele modellering

Financial modelling

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