Activities Decree

On 1 January 2018, Barim and Rarim came into force: the General Rules for Establishment of Environmental Management Decree (Barim: Besluit algemene regels voor inrichting milieubeheer) and the Regulation of General Rules for Establishments of Environmental Management Decree (Rarim: Regeling algemene regels voor inrichtingen milieubeheer). It is a general administrative regulation (AMVB) in support of the Environmental Management Law and the Water Law (Wet milieubeheer, Waterwet). The Decree and the Regulation set general rules for establishments that fall under the Environmental Management Law and previously required an environmental permit. In their work as a supervisor or licensing authority, the professionals at Cauberg Huygen work with the Barim and the Rarim on a daily basis. As a result, they are perfectly informed of the latest changes and can apply this during the execution of an environmental check or the assessment of a report.

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