Building plan assessment

The Bouwbesluit (Buildings Decree) is a collection of technical regulations which all construction works in the Netherlands, at a minimum, must comply with. Renovations are also covered by the Bouwbesluit. It contains regulations with regard to building structures from the point of view of safety, health, usability, energy efficiency and the environment. The Bouwbesluit 2012 is the last under the title Bouwbesluit. When the Omgevingswet comes into force, expected in 2021, the current Bouwbesluit will be merged with the Building Environment Decree (Besluit bouwwerken leefomgeving). The consultants of Cauberg Huygen are well acquainted with the Bouwbesluit because of their architectural education and the consultancy tasks they perform herein and are, therefore, able to assess building plans from different angles.

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