In the current plans, the Omgevingswet (Environment Planning Act) will come into effect in 2021. The Omgevingswet bundles and modernises all laws that affect the living environment into one law. This forms a solid, coherent and unambiguous foundation under environmental law, and offers scope for regional and local customization. Regulations are becoming more flexible, giving municipalities and regional water authorities more room to implement their own policy and assessments regarding the environment. The Omgevingswet is not only intended to guarantee the quality of the physical living environment, but it is also intended to  make room for developments. For government agencies, this also means a different attitude towards citizens and companies with initiatives. The ‘yes, if’ principle, instead of the ‘no, unless’ principle. All of this will lead to a more integrated approach to issues and customization. The consultants of Cauberg Huygen have been using the aforementioned principle for years to support various environmental services in the execution of their work.

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