The fire within

Fire has been an essential element for human development, but control of fire is crucial to reduce risks to acceptable levels for residents, employees and other surrounding residents. The trick is to design a building or an area in which you can live and work in comfort and health, but that also meets all regulations for fire safety and external safety. It is an artform that Cauberg Huygen has mastered to perfection.


Approximately thirteen households in the Netherlands deal with a fire every day. In addition, the average evacuation time in the event of a fire has gone from seventeen minutes to just a few minutes in recent years. The reason that the evacuation time has been shortened enormously, has to do with the increased use of combustible materials that in today’s modern furniture.

In response to this risk, fire fighting and fire prevention are highly professionalised and regulated, both in technique and in its organisation. Fire safety has been given absolute priority. For optimum fire safety, it is important to look at things such as fire and smoke transport, escape routes and fire-resistant properties of a structure. Different forms of use require their own fire safety measures and escape plans. Our specialists combine technical expertise with knowledge of laws and regulations. This allows us to devise smart and alternative solutions that contribute to the highest quality, comfort and safety.

In addition to the impact that fire has on the organisation of our society, it is also given a symbolic and ritual meaning. Fire symbolizes spirit and passion. The flame symbolizes the life force. Life force helps us to keep moving, to keep developing, as a human and as a professional. To keep our fire burning.

Projects in the safety knowledge area

Project Lieven De Key header (© Frans Parthesius)

Lieven de Key

Project - Podium (veld 1) in Amersfoort


Project - Lincolnpark



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