The building sector in the Netherlands will face enormous challenges in the coming years: neighbourhoods must be taken off gas usage, BENG is the new standard and circular construction is soaring. As a leader in the development of sustainable and circular energy concepts at both building and plan level, Cauberg Huygen is pre-eminently positioned to support the sector with this construction assignment.


Are you looking for advice for BENG and NOM projects, solutions for a cost-efficient upgrade of an office to Label C, or do you have ambitions for obtaining a sustainability certification such as BREEAM-NL, EPA, GPR or WELL for your project? The consultants of Cauberg Huygen have the experience and knowledge of laws and regulations to provide you with clarity and support and to unburden your workload during these processes. That is one less concern!

Projects in the sustainability knowledge area

Project Lieven De Key header (© Frans Parthesius)

Lieven de Key

Project - Podium (veld 1) in Amersfoort


Project - Lincolnpark



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