For an impression of our consultancy services and areas of expertise, view a selection of projects to which Cauberg Huygen has contributed. With advice on all facets of building physics and environmental consultancy.

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About Cauberg Huygen

Our consultants support architects, builders, corporations, property developers, property owners and governments with research, clear advice, and cost-efficient and sustainable solutions. We relieve our clients in every phase of the life cycle of a building or area development. Whether it concerns questions about permits, noise and air quality or policy and implementation issues regarding (fire) safety, energy efficiency, property strategy and maintenance policy.

Regardless of the size and complexity of projects, we maintain our focus and personal approach, with short lines of communication and clear agreements. We use a multidisciplinary approach characterised by integral customisation based on sound knowledge of all construction and environmental disciplines. Expertise, reliability and commitment are the key words of our approach.