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Climate change, resource depletion, digitisation, ageing population and urbanisation have an impact on the design of our built environment. Space is becoming scarcer while the demands on comfort and safety are increasing.

With its expertise, Cauberg Huygen makes an active contribution to sustainable area development. We work with architects, developers, housing and real estate companies on the best building physics solutions.

We do not harm our environment and are at the forefront when it comes to innovative concepts and methods of sustainable design. Because we work with parametric design and virtual reality, we can provide clarity about design and functionality at an early stage of the process.

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Built environment

Sustainable area development from the start

Increasing demand for comfort, requirements from regulations, protection of the environment and reducing energy consumption require buildings and a built environment that are well thought out in terms of building physics. Cauberg Huygen provides this expertise.

Our mission is to promote sustainable area development through sustainable design. From the start of a project, we can immediately think constructively and implement solutions: we offer clarity, creativity and transparency long before the foundation stone is laid. We work with customers who desire solutions off the beaten track.

Parametric design

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Virtual reality

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In addition to our expertise in the field of building physics, we also offer consultancy services for (heavy) industry, government and housing associations in the field of spatial planning and environmental and energy issues. Are you looking for a reliable and innovative partner? We are happy to work with you.

Projects in the built environment

Project - Het Schoter in Haarlem - header

Het Schoter

Project Ashram College - impressie - header

Ashram College

Alphen aan de Rijn
Project Bensdorp in Bussum - header


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