Sound of silence

The experience of silence is becoming an ever-greater rarity. Construction continues to be in closer proximity, near highways and railroads, which means that noise and vibrations are constantly present. Noise and noise pollution are also a growing concern in large cities. “The city that never sleeps” has long since ceased to be an endorsement of a city.


As experience engineers, we know how to create the right balance between sound and silence for office buildings, homes and other environments where people gather. For example, traffic noise can be particularly disruptive when the space itself contains many hard materials. Good acoustics ensure that the sound perception of the room matches the use and appearance of it and that we feel comfortable.

Noise pollution and vibrations are closely related. For example, Cauberg Huygen monitored the vibrations in the Rijksmuseum during a DJ Tiësto concert on the adjacent Museumplein to prevent the subsequent vibrations from damaging the paintings. Cauberg Huygen has also gained a lot of unique expertise with vibrations related to train tracks and construction.

Projects in the acoustics knowledge area

Project Lieven De Key header (© Frans Parthesius)

Lieven de Key

Project - Podium (veld 1) in Amersfoort


Project - Lincolnpark



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